Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Impossible Takes Just A Little Longer.

        Where in the capitalist world is there peace? In country after country people are in direct action against this system that is foisted on us as the only game in town. Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media will ridicule, lampoon or totally ignore any suggestion that there is a better way to organise our lives other than capitalism. The system is portrayed as the pinnacle of civilisation, yet all around us is poverty, homelessness and bloody wars, for control of the earth's resources. There is mass hunger in the midst of plenty, deprivation surrounded by wealth, large swaths of our planet are being steeped in flowing warm blood of innocents, and still the babbling brook of bullshit laud this dystopia as the bringer of peace, freedom and prosperity. Yes, there is that small band of parasites that have their hands on the control levers of power, who enjoy all that peace, freedom and prosperity, but it is not the vast majority of humanity.
       However, we are awakening, across the planet the ordinary people have seen through the smoke and mirrors of the capitalist illusion, and are taking steps to challenge "the only game in town" philosophy. In small bands  and large groups, they have taken the road to challenge the hegemony of capital, and its corrosive effect on all of us, and the very planet that we inhabit. With the advent of better communications, we are linking up and joining hands, and increasing our solidarity, our small sporadic struggles are now more than ever becoming one massive battle to challenge and bring down this savage, brutal, insane system of destructive greed, exploitation and unearned privilege.
       From Chile to Australia, from Italy to Greece, from France to America, in all corners of our world, people are taking up the struggle against this capitalist cancer, we can shape the world to see to the needs of all our people, we have the numbers, the power, the skills and the imagination, this world is ours by right of our sweat and blood, we just have to make that final grasp.

Mapuches still resisting in “Chile”


       In a march commemorating the ninth anniversary of the murder of indigenous Mapuche activist Matias Catrileo, shot in the back by police, protesters stormed the financial district of Santiago, Chile.
They demanded charges against Mapuche spiritual leader or ‘Machi” Francisca Linconao be dropped. She is charged in an arson attack that killed two wealthy land owners in ancestral Mapuche lands. After a 14 day hunger strike ‘to freedom or death,’ she was released on house arrest the same day as the march and ended her hunger strike. Protesters denounced ongoing police violence against indigenous peoples in Chile.
       Decrying cases like that of Brandon Hernández Huentecol, 17, who was shot in the back by police last month. Huentecol has had 12 operations and remains in critical condition. His family denounced police efforts to buy their silence.
       As a minimum response to the capture of our comrades, some anarchists in Sydney painted a solidarity mural.
Solidarity with the prisoners of the social war. For the annihilation of every prison.

       The community of Suc-Tuc in Campeche form a self-government against corruption and repression of their authorities
Demián Revart
“Impossible takes just a little bit longer”

Left-wing activists have clashed with riot police during protests over new labour laws that are bringing havoc to the streets of Paris today.
And so it grows until we win.

Our Future

Once upon a time,
in our not so distant past
stood a beautiful, a unique world,
laden with promise,
a world where our future was open,
our potential vast.
Now, seduced by glinting tinsel of the mad
our reason quivers
on the edge of a dark abyss.
We have created a world
where wastelands abound
where we
the many, the marginalised, the ordinary,
struggle to survive in voracity that astounds
are seduced
to create wastelands in our minds,
slowly accepting chaos
in a world of insanity.
Here corporate monsters
of hypocrisy, contradictions,
sever the fragile cord
that unites being with being

     However, our future doesn't have to be that way, the choice is ours. 
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