Sunday, 22 January 2017

Stay With Us, On The Streets.

         It was very heart warming to see the hundreds of thousands of women from across the UK marching against Trumpism. The coming together of all those of different backgrounds to voice their anger at the vicious danger in this new wave of far right authoritarianism. My only concern is, where were you when Libya was being pulverised, where were you when the government was attacking, and still is, the disabled with its "assessment" scheme, where were you when benefit sanction drove people to suicide, and still does, where were you as hundreds of thousands of migrants, men, women and children, fleeing death and destruction, were being herded like cattle all across Europe, and still are. These injustices, and many more, are still with us, now that you have found your voice, please, stay on the streets, please, stay with us, we need you.  
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  1. Your concern is also mine.

  2. Whait a second everyone. Have you lost your memory? The wall exists. It has existed for many, many years. The road to the US is already a graveyard. Does it offend you that they raise it you up two meters higher? Apart from the ineffectiveness of the proposal, it is nothing more than an aesthetic compensation, a simple renewal. We can not afford the simplistic assumption that Obama has been an ally of the migrants. Even his famous immigration reform turned out to be a monumental blow. Moreover, Obama holds the title of president with more deportations in the last 30 years. More than two million migrants have been imprisoned, thanks to Obama's good wishes. His famous Dreamers are just another facade to maintain the kind image that his government has tried to present. Of course Trump is an ignorant xenophobe, a ridiculous propagandist, but Obama could be darker than that, an easy tear demagogue with a knife hidden behind his back. Maybe the new president will focus on snatching the title from the one that says goodbye, but we really see it difficult.

    And we can not leave aside the famous operation Fast and Furious endorsed by the White House, which has cost thousands of lives, migrants or non-migrants, in national territory or abroad. Are we going to miss Obama? No fuck!

    The issue is not Obama or Trump, the question is the system: it does not work!
    So, let's not get confused. The same faces of the celebrities that we see today shout, fist high, against Trump, were partying with Obama while he punched Syria. If we want our dreams to come true, we must first be able to see reality as it is, not as they sell it to us. There is no other way to transform it.