Thursday, 12 January 2017

A World In Revolt.

       It is difficult to grasp the extent of the public protests and anger across the globe, at the policies of neo-liberal corporate capitalism and their henchmen minders, the various states. Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, will always look the other way on these matters, and prefer to show you the latest royal baby or give the nitty-gritty details of some celebrity that is having an affair. However, you can move around the map of the world, put your finger on a city, and you can bet the deeds of your plantation, that there will be unrest on the streets in that city. Sometimes it is just a public display of that anger by mass protests, other times it storms into open riots against the system. It is not just on the streets, but in prisons across the world, prisoners are in open revolt against the injustice inflicted on them. It is so widespread today that if they all joined hands and organised together across borders, the system would collapse. The protests' fragmentation is its own real enemy. As long as we are isolated one group from the other, the powers that be, can isolate the protests and keep the lid on the anger. Our weapon has to be solidarity, in any form we can show, by publicity, by joining, by physical and moral support. What is going on in the world of anti-capitalist revolutionary endeavour, is always worth spreading, to inform, to inspire to learn from. Only when we the ordinary people see the world has no borders, and our struggle is global, only then will we be able to create that better world for all, and see to the needs of all our people.
         Recently "Revolutionary Struggle" released a compilation of letters, texts and communiques, you can download it for free HERE: The truth written and circulated is also a revolutionary act. 
An extract:
“If someone today wants to open a profitable business, they should make guillotines”

        With the above phrase an American journalist describes the size of social rage in the USA. It is the first time historically, where the total of the developed capitalist world boils in rage and desperation for the rulers, for those that are to blame for this crisis, which not only are not punished but continue enjoying their privileges and increasing their profits. It stems from the rage at the expanding poverty, at the marginalization of wider and wider parts of society, at the injustice, since the rulers require that the people are sacrificed in order to face the crisis.
       This rage is expressed in the last few months with more and more intensity all over Europe. In one European city after another, millions of people go to the streets with the youth in the front line, in order to express their opposition to the hard neo-liberal attack that the rulers have unleashed against the social and labour vested interests. In France because of the social security changes, in England because of the educational measures, in Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, demonstrations are turning into revolts.
        One revolt causes another one and progressively, all over Europe the big social ignition is expected. The phrase “us or them” becomes more and more a common conscience and will become the slogan that will determine the result of the next bigger revolts.------
The full compilation can be downloaded HERE:
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