Saturday, 7 January 2017

God's Failures Means That He Should Be Sacked.

        Christians are strange animals, they talk to an invisible man in the sky, and claim he is all seeing, all powerful, and a loving god, yet they accept that he didn't intervene to prevent the slaughter of the first world war, but will somehow intervene when they ask him to heal their aching back. He didn't prevent the genocide of the native Americans, but will respond to their call for him to help them through their daily problems. Though he sat idly through the holocaust, they will claim that with god's help they will solve their daily problems. Considering his track record on these major events, and other natural tragedies, I think he is sleeping at his post. If he did exist, I would see him as a very selfish, and extremely stupid god. To get through this life, I would rather rely on my fellow humans, with all their failings, than trust a so called, all powerful, loving invisible man, that has so miserable failed to show his love fairly across the globe. 

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