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Pius xii.


           Religion, like monarchy, is an authoritarian cesspool of an institution, a power seeking, wealth grabbing organisation, hell bent on its own preservation and power, just like monarchy. Through the centuries religion has done its best to dominate the thought processes of the people, and as history shows, like monarchy, has used the most brutal and savage means to preserve its power and wealth.  
       During and after WW2, there were questions being asked about Pope Pius xii and his silence regarding the Nazi brutality, racism and the extermination of the Jews. It is only recently the the full facts have come out, and they are damning, showing the holy man Pius xii to be a duplicitous underhand co-operator with the Nazi regime. Through a series of secret meetings between Pius xii and Hitler's go-between,

                                  Portrait of Philipp von Hessen (National Archives)

It will be noted that their has always been a strand of strong fascist support among our own Royal Family.

        The Holy Father was trying to strike a deal to get Hitler to stop his ant-religion policies in Germany and allow the Catholic church to re-instate Catholic teachings in schools, stop persecutions of any clergy and return the Church's wealth back to the Church. In return Pius xii promised that the Catholic Church would not interfere or criticise the policies of the the Nazi regime, stating that the Church was not interested in party politics. Hence the Holy man's silence on the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi regime. It was all for the glory of their imaginary wee man in the sky and the wealth and power of his corrupt institution. Religion will side with any despot, dictator, monarch as long as it furthers the power and wealth of their cruel vindictive institution based on an illusion.

        At this first meeting, the pope took out a copy of a letter he had sent Hitler, expressing his appreciation for the führer’s well wishes on his election to the papacy. He read it aloud to the prince, then read Hitler’s reply. Upon finishing the reading, the pope said, “I have been very considerate, and the Reich Chancellor’s reply was very kind. But the situation has since deteriorated.” By way of example, he cited the closing of Catholic schools and seminaries in the Third Reich, the publication of books attacking the Church and the papacy, and the slashing of state funds benefiting the Church in Austria. He told the prince that he was eager to reach an agreement with Hitler and was ready to compromise insofar as his conscience allowed, “but for that to happen, there must before anything else be a truce … I am certain that if peace between Church and state is restored, everyone will be pleased. The German people are united in their love for the Fatherland. Once we have peace, the Catholics will be loyal, more than anyone else.”

Quotes and images taken from The Atlantic, on an article on the book, The Pope at War.   Certainly well worth a read.


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