Friday, 3 June 2022

A Virus.

         Today as the ordinary people of the UK, like those else where in the world, are heading for the biggest fall in living standards for many, many years. People are facing winter unable to heat their homes, struggling to put food on the table and often failing. There is a massive rise in homelessness, in food-banks, our health service is teetering on the edge of collapse due to lack of funding and slices being handed to the corporate word. Our kids' health will be assaulted and their education system is broken.

      Despite these unnecessary conditions being heaped on the population, the UK government see fit to spend an obscene amount of tax payers money on this jamboree celebrating a parasite families imperial power. £28 million of our tax money has been set aside for this obscenity, the lottery fund is donating £22 million to plaster the country with symbols of pomp and imperial power.
      We are supposed to celebrate 70 years of a woman sitting on a throne, a woman whose entire family and many hangers-on, who have never earned a penny from honest work in their lives, and are subsidised to the hilt with tax payers money. This old lady, who we are supposed be enthralled with is labelled a "constitutional" monarch. However, she is the one that opens parliament, and in speeches honestly refers to "her government", she is the one approached by the elected Prime Minister should he wish to close down parliament. She also sits in her palatial surroundings signing death warrants on those poor individuals who are condemned by British Overseas Territories that still have the death penalty. This whole edifice of pomp and power is an attempt to get us all to cheer an obscene display to the world of Britain's brutal imperialism, its past and its determination to hold on to that power, wealth and its privileges. It baffles me seeing all those thousands of people who struggle to make ends meet, willing pay homage to this family of parasites, this edifice to pomp, wealth, power and privileges. All I can say of those throngs who wave flags, cheer this obscenity, is that their minds have been damaged by the fatal and vicious virus of patriotism.
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