Friday, 17 June 2022


        The over riding aim of the ordinary people of this planet should be on bringing down the state/military industrial complex.  Wars are a necessary part of the state in its desire for power and enhancing that power. War eats the world's resources as it reaps havoc on the civilian population and it is the biggest polluter on earth by far. We the ordinary people never gain from wars, it is that small class of powerful and wealthy parasites that hold the reins of power over our lives who gain. They are the ones who call for war, shout about patriotism and democracy to get the ordinary people onboard to do the killing and be killed, these worthless lying parasites are the ones who gain from the bloodshed.

The following from Anarchist News.

Two days against war and repression 26-27.06.2022 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

      5 p.m.: The ongoing war and the reasons for our internationalism. Against the wars of masters and rulers. Against all states, starting with our own. For the defeat of NATO. Discussion with some comrade editors of the anarchist internationalist fortnightly “Bezmotivny.”

8 p.m.: Buffet dinner.

Monday, June 27, 2022

      5 p.m.: Discussion: Anti-anarchist repression in recent years: from the Scripta Manent trial to 41 bis against Alfredo Cospito. After months of censorship on correspondence and following the repressive Sibilla operation in November, comrade Alfredo Cospito was transferred to a 41 bis regime on May 5, while the cassation ruling of the Scripta Manent trial, in which some 20 anarchists are defendants and for which, in addition to Alfredo, another comrade, Anna Beniamino, is currently imprisoned, is scheduled for June 27.

      In continuity with the struggle against the state and capital, we solidarize with the imprisoned anarchists, support revolutionary practices, and persevere in anarchist propaganda.

8 p.m.: Buffet dinner.

Circolaccio Anarchico

viale della repubblica 1/A – Spoleto

e-mail: circolaccioanarchico[at]inventati[dot]org


[Attached is the manifesto for the initiative].

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