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       I have probably spouted this before, in fact, I'm sure I have, but find it difficult not to repeat. We the ordinary people are being asked to change our lifestyle to save the planet. Take a shallower bath, a shorter shower, turn your thermostat down a degree or two, recycle your plastic, food and paper waste. All I'm sure will make some difference to our carbon footprint. However it will not save the human species from extinction, it is just a drop in the ocean. We will only see a real drop in the human carbon footprint when the millionaire/billionaire/CEO class abandon their super-luxury fuel guzzling yachts, their private jets, their caravans of gas guzzling limousines. When they abandon their 20 roomed mansions with its army of servants, when the monarchy abandons its catalogue of opulent palaces and its entourage of hangers-on. Even then it will still be in the balance, the one thing that would make the biggest reduction in our carbon footprint would be dismantling the festering relationship between the military industrial complex and the state, and bring an end to wars. Something the state and its various mouthpieces never mention is that the military and wars are by far the biggest polluters on the planet.
       So forget about that shallow bath or shorter shower and demand the end to the real polluters of the planet, the rich and powerful and the state and its military adventures.                               

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