Tuesday, 14 June 2022



        I penned this wee article away back in 2003, just before the U$A/UK illegal invasion of Iraq. Nineteen years later and states still see fit to annihilate civilian populations to further their desire for power, resources and markets. The festering relationship of state  and capitalism, sees no other way of preserving their power, wealth and privileges other than by brute force, where we pay with blood and they reap the rewards of power, wealth and privileges. Our very survival depends on the ordinary people of the world coming together and bring about the total destruction of this insane, greed and profit driven festering system of state and capitalism. Your children and grandchildren's future lives depend on our actions now. We are the pinnacle of evolution, or we are the perpetrators of disaster and misery, destroyers of our planet, the choice is ours.
         It is unacceptable that in the twenty first century we are still settling international disputes by the barbaric method of war. Modern war fare does not consist of two armies facing each other over some strange and foreign plain. It is a devastating and horrendous attack on the civilian population and the country’s infrastructure. It is a ferocious and sustained attack by weapons of unimaginable destructive power unleashed on cities, towns and villages from many miles away. There is no real defence against such weapons, if the fireball and blast don’t kill you the depleted uranium will in time and leave a legacy of cancer and deformed births for generations to come. This surely can’t be the answer to any problem, you only stoke the fires of hate and bitterness for future wars.
       If man is as he claims, the pinnacle of evolution, the most intelligent being on the planet, then it must be within his ability to come up with a solution to international disputes that does not create such savage, merciless slaughter and destruction. In all modern warfare it is not just the armed combatants that are targeted, the vast amount of weaponry is not of the anti-personnel type, but designed to destroy a countries infrastructure, that means civilians. The use of such weapons must be considered a war crime.
        It is the ordinary people of this world that must stand up and put an end to this primeval form of activity, it is always the ordinary people that are called up to do the killing and it is always the ordinary people that suffer most.

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