Tuesday, 21 June 2022


          As the system squeezes out more austerity from the population of ordinary people, in an attempt to re-capitalise their fractured and broken system of exploitation, more people become angry as they see their living standards being decimated and their kids and elderly suffering in the interests of profit. So naturally that anger will spill over onto the streets in the form of strikes, direct action and protests, and rightly so. However the greater our anger and the louder our voices, the harder the state will come down on those who dare to face up to this cull on the poorest and most vulnerable. Already the prisons are filling up with those who dare to take on this battle for a better and fairer life for all our people.
        If we are to win this fight for fairness and justice then we must show solidarity with all those who find themselves enmeshed in the state's web of loaded judicial systems and its repression institutions, the prisons.
       There is a call for a show of solidarity for one such prisoner entrapped in their repressive system, a prisoner of the Greek state, caged for fighting for freedom and justice. Let's show some support for this event and carry it on to solidarity with all those oppressed by the state.


         We're putting on this event in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker G. Michailidis (on hunger strike since 23/05 in Greece), following a call for international solidarity.
         It would be great to see and chat to you there, and it would also be really helpful if you could share the event/poster far and wide!

All the best,
Clydeside Anarchist Noise.

Please spread far and wide and support those the state desires to silence.

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