Sunday, 26 December 2010


This year the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, making his annual clichéd platitudes spoke of the importance of mutual dependence, fellowship and loyalty during the current economic downturn. He also focused on the need to share the burdens of adversity as some people face testing times amid the downturn.

As he spoke the words; “Faced with the hardship that quite clearly lies ahead for so many in the wake of financial crisis and public spending cuts, how far are we able to sustain a living sense of loyalty to each other, a real willingness to bear the load together? How eager are we to find some spot where we feel safe from the pressures that are crippling and terrifying others?--” there was no hint of irony, standing there as the head of an institution that could be named as, The Christian Investment Corporation, and is among the wealthiest in the land, and has millions invested in the corporate system that is responsible for the “adversity” that thousands in this country are facing. What he was pouring out was some basic principles of socialism, but he certainly didn't want you and I to go out and organise our society under those very principles. Nor was he asking those millionaire thugs responsible for the “adversity” to share their wealth equally with the ordinary people.

No, he was simple trying to sound good and wanting you and I to share among ourselves what little we have, but in no way to try to dismantle the system that causes the “adversity” and construct a system of social justice and mutual aid. No matter what these cloistered preachers spout, they are firmly on the side of the establishment and are ignorant or ignore the fact that, the millionaire bedfellows that they lie down with are the reason we have that “adversity”.

To solve the problems within our society we need neither God nor master, leader nor Monarch. We need people to take control of their own lives and to organise at community level, creating a society built on mutual aid, free association and voluntary co-operation, based on sustainability. We need to rid ourselves of the burden of leaders, preachers, pampered parasites and the profit motive. Only then can we hope to see a society that will see to the needs of all those involved in that society, and the monkeys off our backs.

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