Saturday, 11 December 2010


     Interesting to here David Cameron condemn the "violence" of the students the other day, "unacceptable" they should feel the "full force of the law" and all said with a solemn face, no hint of a snigger. Perhaps he should have remembered another quote he made.
We're all in this together!!

    "Things got a bit out of hand. We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets"
D Cameron,Oxford,1986.
     We should remind David Cameron that his -smashing the place up- was just for fun, a jolly good time, the violence he condemns is self defence.

    When we hear those Oxbridge millionaires condemn violence we have to remind them that self defence is not a crime. What they and the media never mention is the violence that is being perpetrated on the working class by them, at the behest of the corporate greed machine, to safeguard their millions. What greater violence is there than trapping people in poverty, depriving them of the social services that are meant to provide those essentials of civilised life, dignity and opportunity. When one group savage the living standards of another group while they themselves live in the lap of unearned luxury, that is violence. When one group forces hardships on another knowing that they themselves will in no way suffer from those measures, that is violence. We have no intention of allowing that violence to ruin the lives of our children and threaten the dignity of our pensioners. Are we expected to lie down and take what the millionaire club throw at us? Most certainly not, we have the right to self defence, we are fighting for our dignity, the future opportunities for our children, the well being of our elderly. To threaten them is violence of the worst degree, we have duty to fight back, we have a right to self defence. The more savage the violence inflicted on us, the more violent our self defence. I am against violence, but just remember,- you started it, with the violence of your vicious “austerity cuts”.
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