Tuesday, 14 December 2010


As the millionaire cabal set about doing a hatchet job on the welfare state we will have to  come up with strategies to resist this free market onslaught. As society has changed over the years so our strategies will have to change. Of course we can still learn from the past, our working class history is a rich well of ideas and strategies that can be used adapted and used again. The main thing is to come together in our communities and link those communities in a federation of resistance. Organised resistance is necessary to win this battle against the millionaire corporate take over of our country.
      The Workers City was an organised movement in opposition to the 1990 European Capital of Culture which was intent on branding Glasgow as a tourist centre with a mono culture that in no way showed the rich diversity of culture that sprang from the ranks of the ordinary people. As far as Glasgow's City Council Mafia were concerned there was no working class in Glasgow, just cheap labour to service the tourist industry.
     This short video gives a hint of what Workers City was about, perhaps there are ideas in there that can be reworked and used to continue that working class resistance.

More of Glasgow's working class history HERE.

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