Saturday, 11 December 2010


        I sometimes go on like a loop tape and keep repeating the same thing over and over again. However I will continue to repeat my view that the only answer to the present savage attack on the living standards of the ordinary people in this country and across Europe is to co-ordinate all our actions in a pan-European struggle. We are no longer fighting our specific governments, they are only following the dictates of international finance. The corporate finance world is organised in its attempt to keep wages down, have a large pool of unemployment and transfer all public assets to the private sector. To hope to combat this with one-of actions at different times in different countries is doomed to failure. Spain has had massive general strikes, in France, Greece and Ireland the people have taken to the streets, the flaw in this was the fact that they all took place at different times. We have to communicate, co-operate and organise in a pan-European manner, just like our opponent, international finance. Our actions must be simultaneous, it is surely not beyond our ability to co-ordinate our actions for maximum effect. Governments can cope with one day strikes here and there, they will not be able to cope with a pan European general strike, imagine the effect of even a pan-European students day of action with every capital in Europe at a standstill.

       That excellent website Anarkismo puts this view across much better than I could ever hope, read, think pan-European, communicate pan-European and organise pan-European.
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