Saturday, 25 December 2010


                                          Glasgow George Square 1919.
    Since the failure of the 1936 Spanish Revolution the working class movements have battled on a more or less reformist agenda and it is fair to say that they have won major reforms to their advantage. However at the same time they have become integrated into the modern capitalist system of production. From the late 19th century through to the middle of the 20th century pre the Spanish Revolution there were mass movements with a more revolutionary agenda, In Europe this continued up until the start of the second world war and it was probably this war that saved the European capitalist class. Since then there has been no real revolutionary mass movement in Europe. However with the corporate class making a massive push to devour all the public assets in Europe there has been considerable anger among the working class as the pain to be inflicted on the ordinary people begins to become apparent. The corporate world are probably looking at this as their final victory to take control of anything and everything that can turn a profit, from health to prisons, from social welfare to education and more. This anger can and should be the start of what can only be called the second chance of the working class revolutionary movements. The ordinary people are beginning to see that no matter the government they vote in, nothing changes and that what is happening in this country under a Con/Dem coalition government is happening all over Europe with a 57 varieties of governments from Social-this to Christian Democrats that, from left of centre to right of centre. They all preach a different agenda but follow the same grand plan, the corporate plan.

      There is more pain to come from the corporate plan, and before it decimates the working class population, we have to organise a Pan-European mass resistance to this attempt to plunder all public assets. We mine, make and distribute everything in this world, it is our world paid for by the toil, sweat and blood of our forefathers, we are idiots if we let it fall from our grasp in to the hands of a bunch of pampered parasites. We have this second chance we can't lose it without the mother of all fights. They will do what ever they think is necessary for them to attain victory, our defeat. We likewise, must do everything in our power to achieve that final victory. We owe it to our children and our grandchildren.
                                           France, 2010. 

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