Monday, 4 July 2011


Wednesday 6th July   7:30-1030 pm.

        Greece is currently at the centre of a pan-European struggle against austerity and cuts. As the IMF and their puppets in the PASOK government attempt to force through further austerity measures - amid huge protests, riots and occupations - while the future of the Euro and the global capitalist economy hang in the balance, here at the Hetherington we'll be having a night of food, films and solidarity with the Greek resistance.

Film showings:

- THE POTENTIALITY OF STORMING HEAVEN: a half hour documentary on the youth insurrection in December 2008.

- DEBTOCRACY: made this year, a documentary which examines the current financial situation in Greece, and looks at possible solutions.

Followed by a discussion, and we'll be having Greek food from the Free Hetherington kitchen too!

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