Saturday, 23 July 2011


         We should be used to hearing politicians saying things to get an effect or create an impression, but not really meaning what they say. Our millionaire public school thug Cameron has just given us another example.
         The British economy must be doing very well at the moment. How do we arrive at the point of view, well by Mr. Millionaire Cameron of course, as deeds speak louder than words. For the last three years the millionaire Camerons have taken their holidays in Cornwall and last year he stated “I love going on holiday in Britain.” He also called on Britons to take their holidays at home to boost the country's economy. Well this year it seems that the country's economy no longer needs his money as he is off to some foreign spot to “get some sun”. Perhaps he feels he has done enough and it is now up to you and I to holiday at home and pull the country through. That is for those that can still afford a holiday, considering the rising fuel bills, rising inflation and the fear of losing your job.
          Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do!!!
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