Sunday, 31 July 2011


    I keep saying that the millionaire cabal sitting in the Westminster Houses of Corruption and Hypocrisy, know who there friends are. It seems that the millionaire public school thugs have changed the funding arrangements for the primary care trusts. Previously areas which have higher incidences of poor health were given a higher per-capita funding. However our millionaire controllers have decided to end that arrangement of special weighting. The result of this clever slight of hand means that poorer areas such as Manchester and Tower Hamlets will lose out in the funding process, while the more prosperous parts of the country, for example, Hampshire and Surrey will gain considerably.

I was treated in Manchester!!

        As the NHS moves to privatisation it will become obvious that the poorer areas will be unable to afford the super-duper care on offer, while the toffs can. So market forces dictate that you put the better, more expensive facilities in the richer areas and have a sort of good sticking plaster care system for the peasants. It is all falling nicely into place, our lords and masters are looking after their own, isn't about time we did likewise?

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