Saturday, 16 July 2011


          No doubt the political class that lords it over us will milk the Murdoch Mafia sewer saga for all it is worth. They will of course play the role of “poor victim”, they will fly the flag of moral outrage, utter many a tut-tut as they shake their heads uttering “disgraceful”. There will be a mighty attempt to raise their reputation from the gutter where it was thrown by the public.

        What we should not forget is that for years they prostrated themselves before, wined, dined and climbed into bed with the Mafia Mogul and his lieutenants. They were not unaware of the methods used by their bedmates, as little snippets appeared now and then only to disappear in the cesspool they inhabited.

By John Hartfiels.


       Our political master had no intention of rocking the boat for fear of incurring the wrath of their Mogul Master and being cast out of the lucrative incestuous relationship. Yes I do believe they are all part and parcel of the same family. It takes two to tango!!!
I have a working relationship with the press.


       Think, what has this bunch of duplicitous, self seeking, backside licking millionaire parasites ever done for the ordinary people of this country? What would be our loss if they all drowned and disappeared in the depth of their own cesspool? For a start, we would all breathe a fresher air.

        We keep them in the lap of luxury, we suffer because of their actions, we certainly don't need them, so why do we continue to carry them on our backs? We are perfectly capable of organising and shaping our communities to the benefit of all our people, in federation with all other communities. Or are we saying, we don't know how to organise and control our own lives, we need a greedy leader with a bunch of greedy sidekicks and their grand plan??

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