Sunday, 31 July 2011



       One of our over lords, Oliver Letwin, Policy Minister for the millionaire cabal, has stated the old upper class mantra that, public sector workers should be afraid of losing their jobs because it will make them more productive. His comments were made at a meeting with a leading consultancy firm. This is the same Oliver Letwin who reportedly agreed to repay a bill for £2,145 for replacing a leaking pipe under the tennis court at his constituency home in Somerset after having claimed it on his parliamentary expenses. The same guy who once said  that he would rather beg on the street than let his children go to an inner city comprehensive school.
         It never fails to amaze me how the arrogant bunch of Oxbridge millionaires and their lackies see people as units to be worked harder, to live in fear of losing their job and a constant fear of deprivation. While they themselves feel they are entitled to any and every privilege that they can lay their grubby sweaty little hands on.

   We need to put the fear of death into those bloody workers.
     Do we need them? They cost US a fortune to keep THEM at a priveleged standard THEY believe THEY are entitled. They produce nothing except hot air and spend their time passing legislation that will slash the living standards of all the ordinary people in this country, but will not affect them one little bit. They call it democracy!!! 


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