Tuesday, 12 July 2011


         As the Murdoch Mafia sewer continues to spew out its toxic dogshit we start to get a better picture of how our political system works. It would seem that the necessary constituents for our “democracy” to function are bent cops that sell information to journalists, reporters that bribe police, officials and hack into phones and computers. The final part of this morally defunct system is the fawning politicians, eager to get into bed with and prostrate themselves before a greed driven media mogul who sits at the top of this pile of shit. He sets the political agenda, his scumbag media Mafia exerts the pressure and the subservient politicians push it through for fear of being out of favour with the mighty mogul and being forced of the gravy train.

       This then is British “representative democracy” a cesspool of duplicitous, greedy arrogant individuals hell bent on seeing to their own ends and screwing the public for all they are worth. Where in all this charade is there anything that is for the benefit of the ordinary people? Where are the benefits for all those who daily grind out an existence, the ones that create all the wealth and carry out all the services in our society? What has this bunch of low-life ever done other than gather up their millions and grasp at power for the own ends. Who needs them? Who wants them? The power they have over us is simple our refusal to use the power we hold ourselves. We are governed by consent, it is about time we withdrew that consent and used our power to create a world that will see to the needs of all our people. As system freed from the profit motive based on mutual aid, sustainability and mutual respect.


  1. http://www.hackergate.co.uk/

    Steve Nott : Trying to get the truth out there is like smashing your head against a brick wall. Steve very much now a part of Operation Weeting if you wish to get in touch with him.

  2. http://themurdochempireanditsnestofvipers.blogspot.com/2011/07/hackgate-cameron-lied-about-mccann.html

    ALSO trying to get MP'S to open their eyes to the massive cover-up on Madeleine McCann...Some now have the police files and the Gaspar statement ...the ball is in their court.