Saturday, 23 July 2011


         With all this News International phone-hacking crap, once again we here the pundits talking about regulation with the emphasis on “self-regulation”. Of course when it comes to regulation, the powers that be insist on complete and total regulation of the individuals like you and I, they make it quite clear what you and I can and cannot do. They lay out a set of penalties if we fail to stay with in the regulations. However, when it comes to the greed of the corporate world, whether it be banking or media, or what ever, then of course self-regulation is the only road to go. This in spite of the fact that these corporate bodies have proved time and time again that they are totally incapable of regulating their insatiable greed. Still, their bed-partners, the politicians, insist on agreeing to their wishes of leaving them to regulate their own gorging in the pig trough. The fact that most of the politicians have wealth invested with the corporate world and will look to taking their place in the frenzied gorging at a later date, has no influence on their decision. After all they are all honourable men!!! Remember the self regulating MP's expenses arrangement? They are all in it together, millionaire politicians, banking executives and media moguls, but you and I are not invited to the party.

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