Tuesday, 26 July 2011


        Capitalism doesn't change it's spots, it is a system of exploitation of the many for the advantage of the few. At the end of WW2 and the existence of the Soviet Union creating a threat of Communism across Europe, and other places in the world, capitalism modified slightly. In the West it made concessions to the working class and the middle class, grants to higher education, a health service, social housing, a welfare system, to help the poorest etc.. With the collapse of the Soviet Empire and Thatcher's subsequent destruction of the trade unions, the threat of communism had gone. The need to appease the workers no longer existed. Capitalism could get back to its true form, it was time for raw capitalism with the gloves off. What we are living through is the system of capitalism mounting an all out attack on the working class and the middle class. For the majority real austerity will be the order of the day, with education an expensive luxury for the rich, a health service that will cater for those with the most money, charity your only hope of social services. Bankers, CEO and their sidekicks will live in ever increasing luxury. Our billionaire landed gentry and nobility are back in full control, peasants beware.

         Our children will be denied a decent education, without which it will be impossible to understand the complexity of the geopolitical system that is draining their lives, let alone organise to change its structure. Society will be fragmented with petty crime on the increase, communities will become ghettos. A rather frightening picture but the only out come from an unchallenged system driven by one overriding desire for profit, a system where human beings are no more than expendable resources. The gap between the ordinary people and the billionaire ruling class will be unimaginable. The answer for the majority of people on this planet does not lie in capitalism and time is of the essence.
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  1. Right on the button with this post anarchy.

    Most of the working class, and, middle class just dont see it.

    Remembering the miners strike (1984) and having to travel off the motorway past one mine, being stopped all the time and asked "who are you and what was I doing travelling on this road".

    Secondary picketing was not allowed, and the police were out in force stopping everyone with more than one person in their vehicle.

    It was IMHO the start of the destruction of the right of the people to meet on mass at any place without the interference of the state.

    Now, et all, have to ask permission of public servants to walk together down our own streets.

    They have forgotten the positions they hold, and it should be reminded to them. They work for us.

    Is it to late?. I would like to believe not, but until people realise that their freedoms are but a fraction of being stipped from them...

    Doesn't bode well at this time.