Saturday, 11 February 2012


Manufacturing consent from Think Left.
         The BBC should be an important voice, not least because we, the people own it- and its users, ( so that’s us again) – fund it. We would hope to be able to trust it to provide quality educational material and to keep us informed about what is happening in the world, and honest and accurate reporting.
Today, rather than report on Ed Miliband’s letter to the House of Lords about the Health Bill, the BBC bombards us with articles about the Falklands, Syria and disgruntled Christians.
So what is happening at the BBC? We are kept well informed about the goings-on in the Falkland Islands. Is that a co-incidence in that as I remember it was the flag-waving and cheering of the departing ships, which led to a recovery for Margaret Thatcher in 1982 when the public-service cuts were hitting hard?
The BBC inform us of the coming-and-goings of managers of football clubs, about complaints from Christians about being marginalised. I am unsure as to why the BBC should be a voice for religious groups – isn’t that what churches are for?
While all this is going on, the most unpopular policies in recent years go unreported by the BBC, and by much of the Press.   Continue READING.

              An interesting article on the manufacturing of consent and the failure of the BBC to keeping us well informed on what is going on in our own country and also the rest of the world. The BBC is meant to be an information source free from the tainting bias of money. However it is no more than a propaganda organ for the establishment and though it comes in for a lot of criticism from that body, that criticism is mainly that it is a public owned body, as they believe it should be privatised and allow their corporate friends to make lots of money from the organisation. It is a publicly funded body that should serve us the public that fund it but fails miserably on that score. Naivety would surely be the only reason for stating that the BBC is an unbiased organisation.

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