Saturday, 25 February 2012


          Today, Glasgow should come together to clean its streets, today the nazi SDL want to turn our streets into avenues of hate. This off-shoot of the EDL/BNP nazi groupings are not welcome on the streets of our city, a city that has a long tradition of stuggling for the betterment of all its people, a city with a proud history of working class unity. We can't allow this band of deranged dangerous nazi nutters to soil that history.

Celebrating Multicultural Glasgow
Saturday 25 FebruaryFrom 12 noon, George Square, Glasgow
Bring flags, balloons, placards & banners
Download the flyer here: Facebook Event here:

See you on Saturday.

       The Islamophobic and racist Scottish Defence League (SDL) has stated its intention to have a demonstrate in Glasgow on 25th February. It will be the first SDL demonstration of 2012. There organisations around the country have recently been attacking mosques, campaigning street stalls and trade unionists.
      Glasgow has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality. We oppose discrimination of all kinds. We’ve all worked and campaigned together for many years to build a successful, multicultural city where different communities live peacefully side-by-side. We will not accept attempts to create fear and intimidation in our community. The SDL is a violent, racist organisation. They should be opposed wherever they attempt to organise.
      We call upon all people, political parties, trade unions, cultural, youth, faith and community organisations to work together to unite our city and defy the SDL’s attempts to divide us and stir up hatred.
       The last time the SDL tried to march in Glasgow we saw a 3000 strong demonstration of mass unity on the streets.
Lets see that mass unity drive them off the streets again.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is a national campaign with the aim of alerting British society to the rising threat of the extreme right, in particular the British National Party (BNP), Britain First and the British Freedom Party gaining an electoral foothold in this country. We aim to unite the broadest possible spectrum of society to counter this threat. UAF is backed by every national trade union, includes members of political parties, anti-racist campaigns, faith organisations, and a variety of individuals in between. We have no affiliations to any political party.
The fight against fascism doesn’t stop once we chase the SDL out of our city.
       We urge you to join UAF and help us fight that fight until the fascists are defeated.
For more info and to get involved:
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Facebook: UAF Scotland

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