Wednesday, 29 February 2012


      No matter where we look, the system is in crisis, but we are told by the illusion creators, that growth and prosperity is just around the corner, if only would would accept "austerity" in the mean time. Of course "austerity" translates in different ways, for some it means utter deprivation and for others, grinding poverty and for others it means just hanging on with their finger tips. However none of these "austerity" measures will in any way affect those administrating the policies. NO the "austerity" is for the ordinary people. No matter what magic mathematics the use, the ordinary people of Europe are in for a long spell of poverty where the very fabric of their social structures have been torn apart. 
     We either accept this debt serfdom and deprivation to allow the financial barons of this corporate fascism to re-capitalise their coffers, or we seize the moment, the opportunity, to take control of our own lives. We can organise across the continent of Europe refusing to be plunged into penury, and setting about creating a society that is based on the needs of all our people. The system is splitting at the foundations, it can't survive without our acceptance of poverty and deprivation, why should we? We are being offered, either accept poverty and deprivation, or everything will collapse and we will be faced with poverty and deprivation. If we accept their method, then it is poverty and deprivation for us and unimaginable wealth for them, the choice is ours.

     Once again an excellent article from Occupied London.

       We now see a need to grow, to become even more relevant, to move beyond the usual political subdivisions and beyond reacting to capital and state violence and grasp seriously this moment of rupture. Our contribution in this direction is this call to effectively share analysis and coordinate action across Europe.
       Information coming from the mainstream media intends to divide us: it seeks to put the blame for the crisis first on the laziness of one People, then on the greed of another. In the mainstream media, people are seen as isolated victims or as a mass of protesters, but never as thinking, desiring and acting people who can take control of their own futures in common. This is a new battlefield where our conditions of living, producing and reproducing will be set for generations to come. 

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  1. I think we'll all be doing Workfare soon. It makes sense for them to abolish real jobs.

  2. Think of the increase in profits if you could increase your proportion of unpaid workers. Under the present conditions it could become mandatory for large companies to have at least 30% unpaid labour, this in turn would reduce the unemployment rate dramatically.