Sunday, 12 February 2012


           Today in Greece tens of thousands, possible hundreds of thousands of its people have taken to the streets, In Athens it is estimated that more than 50,000 people crowded the streets around Syntagma Square where running battles with the police continued well after dark. Several buildings were on fire as darkness engulfed the city. At the time of writing tear gas and Molotov cocktails are criss-crossing the streets. The Euro-Bank and the first floor of the State's Accounts Office are ablaze. What I find more significant about this demonstration is that as there have been demonstrations across the country and the islands, there has also been many occupations by demonstrators the list of building is quite impressive;

          Protesters and strikers have occupied the following buildings and have transformed them into headquarters for the evening rally:
Athens Law School
Ministry of Health in Athens
Cinema-Theatre Olympion in Thessaloniki
Building of the Regional government of Western Greece in Patras
Building of the Regional Government of Ionian islands in Corfu
Building of the Regional Government of Crete in Rethymnon
Building of the Regional Government of Thessaly in Larisa
Rethymno City Hall
Holargos City Hall
Regional Union of Imathia in Veroia.

“In order to save the banks from bankruptcy, they’ve thrown us into poverty and unemployment. They sold off our country and all that belongs to us. Switch off your TV, take to the streets, for victory!”
          So while the expensive suits, without consulting the people, sit in the parliament building trying to do a deal with the devil, heaping more misery on the heads of the Greek people, the people have been on the streets telling them that deal or no deal they will not accept any more deprivation to protect the wealth of the bankers.
           We should all be out demonstrating in solidarity with the Greek people, what is happening to them is no less than the sacrifice of a people on the alter of bankers greed. Greece is being turned into a third world country and there is no guarantee that it will not come over here. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Romania, and Hungary are all teetering on the brink, and when the chips are down the bankers will have no qualms about doing to the rest of Europe, what they are now doing to Greece.
           It was also interesting watching the BBC six o'clock news, and thinking of a previous post, true to form, the main item and the longest spot went to the death of an American singer Whitney Houston, with Greece and what is happening there a very brief second spot.
          Since writing this I have learnt that there are several banks on fire across Athens. How far will the bankers push the rest of the people in Europe??

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