Monday, 13 February 2012


           Having been a long term visitor to Greece and having a family connection there, I can tell you that the full extent of what the Greek people are suffering is well beyond the propaganda on the media. What is not reported widely by the mainstream media are the facts on the ground, the people behind the statistics. Overall unemployment is running at over 22%, among the young it is over 50% and the IMF, (International Mankind Fuckers) has dictated that another 150,000 have to lose their jobs. On top of three years of wage cuts and tax increases, the Mafia at the IMF are demanding a further 22% cut in the minimum wage with further pension cuts. Think on these figures, try to see it happening where you live, what would you do? The Greek people are expected to accept a life of severe third world deprivation at least for the next generation or two, and accept it like good subservient serfs. Would you kneel and accept this plunder of the social fabric of your society, see your kids future deposited in the bank account of the corporate fascists that rule this world, or would you stand up and try to do something about the situation? There is no point in appealing to your "elected" government, it has been taken over by a Goldman Sachs hit man with his heavy team waiting in the wings, the illusion of democracy has been broken. The technocrat Papademos, installed by the IMF to run Greece in a manner suitable to the financial Mafia, obviously has double standards. In a statement about the mass protests taking place across Greece he said, ”Vandalism, violence and destruction have no place in a democratic country and it won't be tolerated.” Of course he believes that an international body imposing somebody to run that country, has a place in democracy and will be tolerated? Well perhaps it will be tolerated by the suits in parliament, but will it be tolerated by the people? The extent of the anger in Greece can be seen in the bitter clashes with that imposed authority. In Athens as the suits with their imposed leader sorted out the implementing of the IMF plan, riots covered the city. More than 150 shops were looted including at least one gun shop, 48 building were set alight. Also destroyed, perhaps symbolically, was the Asty cinema, which was used during the second world war by the Gestapo as a torture chamber. While this was going on, similar scenes were taking place in Thessalonika, other cities and on some of the Greek islands.


What worries me is that we all tend to feel that it is all happening over there, it couldn't possible happen here, but we are all in the same ponzi scheme, sooner or later our little illusion will be shattered and we will all be standing doing battle in our own little patriotic backyard. Mean while, the corporate fascists are organised world wide. This is not a national problem, this plunder of public assets is organised on an international basis and it can only be combated on an international basis, this is corporate fascism taking full control, the end of elected governments having a say in the fiscal policies of their country. Of course you may feel that your government is more democratic and won't let it happen to you, they'll fix it before it really hurts you, more the fool you.

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