Thursday, 23 February 2012


       The sooner we learn that this struggle is not national, but international, the sooner we will see an end to the sacrifice of people on the altar of greed. Back when I was a young man, if there was a strike by whoever, miners, dockers or construction workers, the establishment would start to isolate the strikers by demonising them. The propaganda would pour out of how they were well paid, violent disrupters of society, holding us all to ransom, if it wasn't for these violent strickers everything would be fine. Now it is the same tactics, only on an international scale. The victim, in this case is Greece, not miners or dockers, but a nation, now demonise them, they are lazy, corrupt, they have paid themselves too much for too long, they cheated their way into the Euro, if it wasn't for them we would all be doing great with growth racing ahead. The same old lies, the same aim, to isolate and bring the group (nation) to subservience, all for the gain of the corporate fascists who at present control this world.

      The Greek people should not be left alone to fight this battle, what happens in Greece will impact on us, it is our fight as much as it is theirs. Unless we link up across borders and act in unision and in solidarity with each other, we will be picked off one by one, just as we were in the days of disputes within the nation. 
The following is from Occupied London.

        Since the generalized attack on an entire society in terms of labour, social and political rights has been answered massively last Sunday, 12/2, with the concentration of hundreds of thousands of protesters across Greece, the Power plays its last card, that of intensification of repression, to recoup the social rage.
       On Sunday morning, dozens of activists were kidnapped by the State-terrorist, some even from their homes. Four protesters in Athens, defenders of the right to life, and not mere survival, were imprisoned before their trial that it may take months until it starts. Others were prosecuted three days after the protest gatherings and demonstrations in other Greek cities. A few days before that, in TV channels and the media, sold-out politicians, collaborators of the Troika’s executives raise questions over the operation and existence of Indymedia.

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