Monday, 13 February 2012


       As the Greek people pause for a breath, the corporate fascists are not content with sacrificing the Greek people on the alter of financial greed, having demolished the illusion of democracy in that country they are now set on ensuring that there will be no democracy for the Greek people for the foreseeable future. The IMF (International Mankind Fuckers) having got the agreement it wanted from their henchman in charge of the Greek parliament, they now want it signed in blood, so as to prevent any change to the agreement after the April elections. What that means is that the Greek political parties can't go to the electorate with a manifesto of any form of change, they must promise to carry on with the IMF manifesto of looting the public purse to the benefit of the corporate fascists. This makes the elections a bigger farce than usual, they will not be able to offer the promise of anything different than the IMF have decreed. What are the elections for? Merely to bring in some new administrators of the IMF policies. Who controls Greece, if not the people, then it is the despots of the corporate fascists sitting in their marble halls thousands of miles from Athens. We in other countries should not feel complacent, the same corporate fascists control the developed world, how hard they will hit you will depend on how much the need to, to protect their wealth and power.

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