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       As we all know, or should know, the millionaires at the Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption are hell bent on turning the NHS into a cash cow for their friends in the corporate world. Turning it from a service at time of need, into a commercial concern where those with money will be able to buy the best treatment available and get it right away, where as the rest of us will have to take our place in the queue and take what is left. Health should never be considered as a money making enterprise, it must always be a service at time of need. However the corporate fascists see our Health Service as one massive market that they can milk, making billions from the sick and vulnerable. It is your child that way be dependent on it in some time in the future, what will you do if it isn't there?
This appeal from AVAAZ.

We have just days to save the NHS. Opposition from doctors, nurses and patients has rocked the government. Our massive outcry now can persuade undecided members of the House of Lords to say no to the bill on Monday and get the government to publish its report on the risks of these changes. Sign here to save the NHS:

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         The battle to save the NHS is now entering its final hours. David Cameron and Andrew Lansley seem determined to drag Britain’s most famous institution to its grave, but if we now stand together we can get the House of Lords to stop this bill in its tracks.
       Public outrage is gripping the country as the Prime Minister persists with a bill that would dismantle the NHS and open the field to private companies. The government refuses to publish its internal report on the risks of the reforms, one reason among many why thousands of health professionals and many politicians oppose the changes. If we now build a massive outcry we can sway our last line of defence -- the House of Lords -- to save the NHS.
        Let’s call on the undecided members in the House of Lords to keep the knives off our NHS and ensure we can all read the official risk report -- sign here and circulate. Our voices will ramp up the pressure as we deliver our petition when we reach key milestones between now and Monday:

      The coalition promised no top-down reorganisation of the National Health Service. Yet it's brought in a bill that threatens to turn large chunks of the NHS over on a plate to private health care companies and cost-cutting consultants, threatening a tidal wave of privatisation that will leave our health system expensive and fragmented, with many of us getting only low-quality care. Citizens are outraged -- according to the latest polls, over half of us want the new bill to be scrapped.
         Public opposition has already delayed the bill and forced several amendments, but the government is refusing to halt the reforms, wrongly insisting that opponents are just a minority group of disgruntled health care professionals and political opponents. The fight for the NHS now depends on the 200 members of the House of Lords who don't belong to a political party. They aren't used to public scrutiny, so if we target them now, we can win and ensure that any reforms of our precious health service are done in concert with health professionals and patients.
           We only have until Monday to tip the balance. The recommendation to delay the debate until after the risk register has been released will throw the NHS a lifeline and allow us all to see the likely impact of this bill. Sign the petition, and send widely.

        Britain is proud of the NHS, which has saved countless lives and won admirers across the world. Let’s act now and ensure our health care system stays free for all.

With hope,

Sam, Antonia, Alex, Alice, Jamie, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

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