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        Through out their history anarchists have been despised and persecuted by the state and employers alike. We could fill a very large telephone directory of those who have suffered at the hands of this particular authoritarian duo. From blacklisted to beaten, executed and assassinated the anarchists have had it all flung at them. It is not difficult to understand why this brutal onslaught should be thrown at this particular group of individuals. The last thing that the state or employers want is for people to think for themselves and take control of the society in which they live. In order to protect their wealth and power both these organisations need a subservient populace, anarchism would be the demise of such exploitation. Anarchists are about the complete restructuring of society, the abolition of exploitation, an end to power over anyone, and the creation of a society that sees to the needs of all our people. It is no wonder that the powers that be in the state and the corporate world will do everything in their power to dirty the image of, and destroy anything associated with, the words anarchist and anarchism.  
       However, we anarchist still have a lot to celebrate, in spite of the phony propaganda and the violence against us, we are still here, but we should always remember those events that have tried to prevent that being the case.

March 10th, From Wikipedia:

Salvador Segui.(centre)
Salvador Seguí (Tornabous, Lleida Province 1886 – Barcelona, 1923), known as El noi del sucre ("the sugar boy") for his habit of eating the sugar cubes served him with his coffee, was a Catalan anarcho-syndicalist in the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), a Spanish confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labor unions active in Catalonia. Together with Ángel Pestaña, Seguí opposed the paramilitary actions advocated and carried out by other members of the CNT.[1] On March 10, 1923, while completing preparations to promote the idea of emancipation as a form of social empowerment among workers, he was assassinated by gunshot on Carrer de la Cadena, in Barcelona's Raval District, at the hands of gunmen working for the Catalan employers' organisation under protection of Catalonia's Civil Governor, Martínez Anido.[2][3] At this same shooting, another anarcho-syndicalist, Francesc Comes, known as Perones, was wounded and was to die several days later.
He has received many tributes since his death, and a foundation has been launched in his memory, the Fundación Salvador Seguí, based in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

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