Saturday, 24 March 2012


          Having been a long term visitor to Greece and having a family connection there, I can tell you that the full extent of what the Greek people are suffering is unbelievable, it is criminal, it is brutal. It isn't reported on by the mainstream media, what they give you is what the financial Mafia are preaching and the need for “tighter fiscal policies”, never the human cost, or the real reason for these “austerity cuts”. The Greek people are expected to accept a life of severe third world deprivation for the next generation or two at least, and all that that entails, deprivation, increased health problems, homelessness, rapidly rising suicide rate, drug and alcohol addiction and massive unemployment. What is more, they are expected to accept it like good subservient serfs. Ask your self, what would you do? Would you kneel and accept this blatant plunder of the all public assets, the destruction of the social fabric of your society, see your kids and grand kids' future deposited in the bank account of the corporate fascists that rule this world, or would you stand up and try to do something about the situation? Well now is the time to stand up and do something. There is no point in appealing to your "elected" government, it has been taken over by a Goldman Sachs hit man with his heavy team waiting in the wings, the illusion of democracy has been shattered. What worries me is that we all tend to feel that it is all happening over there, and our media feed this type of illusion by spouting the usual crap about, it couldn't possible happen here, we don't have the failings of those people over there, but we are all in the same Ponzi scheme. It is all a matter of degree, and sooner or later our little illusion will be shattered and we will all be standing doing battle in our own little patriotic backyard. Mean while, the corporate fascists are organised world wide. This is not a national problem, this plunder of public assets is organised on an international basis and it can only be combated on an international basis, by pan-European action organised to change society, not to modify it. Of course you may feel that your government is more democratic and wont let it happen to you, they'll fix it before it really hurts you, more the fool you.

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