Thursday, 8 March 2012


       The stories of all those who fight oppression, who struggle for justice for all humanity, should be recorded to add to the rich heritage that is the history of the ordinary people. From out of the ranks of the ordinary people have come giants that have faced oppression head on with a selfless courage, a courage that enriches the culture of the ordinary people, a courage that will one day bring a better world of justice, co-operation, mutual aid, a world free from oppression and deprivation.  
       On International Women's Day, this from Human Rights First:

        For years, the Russian police have targeted activist Anastasia Denisova because of her work to combat intolerance in the city of Krosnodar. She faced one bogus charge after another—from tax fraud to piracy. All charges were eventually dropped because of lack of evidence.
But the persecution has not stopped her from continuing her work. Forced out of her own city, Anastasia moved to Moscow. Today, she defends people like Anwar Yusupov, who faces a two-year prison sentence for defending himself from neo-Nazi attackers.
Across the globe, women have been at the forefront of the human rights movement—often risking their lives fighting for core freedoms. Anastasia is one of the brave activists that Human Rights First is honoring for International Women's Day and Women's History Month.
Learn their stories. Celebrate their achievements and draw daily inspiration from their courage.
We're proud to work with courageous women from all over the world who continue to push boundaries and make human rights truly universal. Please help us continue our partnership with women activists by giving a gift today.

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  1. From the BOLLOX Human Right's website:

    'Anastasia Denisova defends people like Anwar Yusupov, a Tajik migrant who was assaulted by Russian neo-Nazis only to later find himself facing a two-year prison sentence for “scaring off” the attackers. Racist assaults happen all the time, but direct service providers are a rare commodity in the world of combating hate crime in Russia,'

    Now let' see shall we? How many wars throughout history were fought by people protecting their lands from the invasion of foreign people bringing with them cultural change? It means that the Scots, Picts, Britons were racists fighting against the Romans, not forgetting the Gauls, Angles and Saxons also. Then of course there must be the racist Maoris, Aborigines, Native Americans, Africans, Indians, Afghans etc who fought against the British. And the racist Incas who fought against the Spanish......

    The powers that be are happily promoting the cultural demolition and indigenous obliteration through massive migration and when people read the writing on the wall and try to stop it they are branded as racists?

    This Anastasia is a product of the NWO.
    International Women's Day is a product of the NWO.
    Human Right's First is a product of the NWO.
    And I'm talking about the same NWO that wants to rebuild the Tower of Babel, obliterate all world culures and races and have all peoples mixed into one under a one world leader/king (throne most probably in the future built Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem), a world government, world bank, world language, world religion and all slaves in a freedomless world.

    No anarchy for you anywhere.



  2. As far as the Scots, Picts and Britons were concerned, the Romans were an invading army, again the British and the Spanish you mention were invading armies, a migrant is not an invading army. Why shouldn't I move to where I think I might be able to make a better life for myself and my family? Who owns the planet, how do you buy a bit of the planet and who from? If you claim that the powers that be are promoting massive migration, why attack the migrant? Why not attack those responsible for the migration? Or are they too hard a target?

  3. "Why shouldn't I move to where I think I might be able to make a better life for myself and my family?"

    And why shouldn't indigenous peoples there have the right to decide migrants should stay where they are?
    Why do you think you have the right to live anywhere and those that already should allow you to stay there? Would you think it ok that, say, 10,000 whites/blacks/asians were to move into the lands of some S.American rainforest tribe, alien to other peoples and introduce their culture to them resulting in their own cultural demise? I really don't think you would.

    I think you're a bit misled on what you think anarchy is. In anarchies, there are no laws, there are no 'isms, there is a strong culture and tribal system in place, there are fierce defences of territorities, there is most probably majority rule and above all the freedom to live as they want meaning removing those who may be a problem for them. Anarchies would automatically become patriarchal societies. Homosexuality, paedophilia and other taboos wouldn't exist. There would be no minority rule let alone minorities. There would be no feminism. There would certainly be no human rights as a right proposes some kind of order and order wouldn't exist as it's the nemesis of chaos. It seems to me Ann, you're a bit of a socialist bordering on libertarianism, with feminism mixed in there also who's fallen foul of the state (and that conclusion has come from reading various posts of yours over time). Anarchy is the laws of nature, best beast wins and all that. Most anarchists wouldn't last a day in a real anarchy as most belong to some minority group/belief.



    p.s. if you're an anarchist why in the hell have you got comment moderation on? Anarchism is the pinnacle of liberty and moderation is a soppression of that.

  4. On the last point about moderation, I am sure you, as an intelligent being, are aware that there are a lot of weird and strange people out there and a lot of shit gets flung in my direction, I take the right to ignore a whole lot of shit and feel no guilt in doing so.
    Since man moved out of Africa away back in our distant past, he has moved around the world, migration has been with us since time began and is what has made us what we are. WE don't have, and never have had a "pure culture" culture is a brothpot and is always in a state of continual change. Without that change caused by migration and othere factors we would all still be living in Africa. So why don't you go back home?

  5. "Since man moved out of Africa.."

    No proof whatsoever to suggest that man originated in Africa. It's purely a theory that has no substance, other than to promote the Darwinian theory of Evolution, which should you care to do some research on was fully funded and supported by the elites/tptb/NWO in order to smash the old world and create the new, that is suggesting that we all evolved from apes. Darwinian evolution was snapped up by Engels and Marx in order to back up their Dialectic Materialism philosophy.

    Ann, you really are clutching at ideas here. Cultures are not melting pots. You really sound like the NWO's wet dream. You are promoting exactly what they want, a one world people and culture, which completely disrespects the individual and their wishes to be allowed to live as they choose with their own peoples.

    And "go back home"? Where? Africa? LMAO, it's not my home and were I to trace back farther I'd find that it is most probably Serbia. I am not from Africa, nor were my ancestors, it is merely lies being promoted in order to fit in with the evolutionary theory of Darwin in order to pass on the BS rhetoric that we are all no different to the animals. You'll find the following interesting:

    You ignored most of my reply above. No reply whatsoever on 10,000 people moving in on a S.American rainforest tribe and smashing to pieces their way of life. I wonder why?
    I really have to say that you are doing a great job of promoting the NWO philosophy Ann. I don't know if you do it on purpose or are just ignorant that you are, but suffice to say, your promotion of feminism, a one world culture, borderless world where all people should live's all no different to to the visions of Nimrod. Worse still, it appears you have zero respect for individuality and the right to exist as one desires. No reply as well to "if you think it's ok to go and live anywhere you want then surely it's ok for others to decide to not let you live with them." I'm sure Ann, if you found a place to live and then people swamped in and started telling you what to do, what culture to live by you'd be a bit pissed off wouldn't you?

    Bottom line is that the world you envision already exists. That place is the USA, a land created to establish multiculturalism over indigenous rights. A place where all cultures and peoples of the world have come to melt into one big pot. The only thing that you don't want is a controlling state but you can't have everything. They're big on minority and feminist rights over everyone else. They're pro non white over white. I think you'd love it there.

    Lastly, again no reply on what anarchy really is in my reply above. Anarchies would inevitable form states, that is, areas where cultural practices would be instituted over others. An anarchy is merely a society without laws and government. It's a dog eat dog society that you and your feminists viewpoints would last shorter than a snowflake in Hell. Anarchies would utlimately evolve into survival of the fittest, meaning overwhelming rule by man over woman. Anarchies really wouldn't be great places for feminists to live in Ann. Sorry



  6. Sorry I'm afraid I find your ramblings too confusing, especially your statements on "Anarchies" you make them as if they were proven facts because you believe them and everything you don't believe is a theory without foundation but with a very them/us type of conspiracy behind it. You pays your money and you takes your pick, I for one will tend to accept the theory of evolution as the best answer we have so far, and will also accept that we did in fact originate in Africa. So if you want everybody to go to their own home, I'll repeat, why don't you do what you preach and go home to your original home Africa. I will also repeat that there is no pure culture it is always in a state of change, sometimes reluctantly but change it does. I live in Scotland and my family have for generations but the way I live and think has no similarity to the way that my grandparents lived and thought. What is my culture? I'm the product of an industrialised city in what was an industrial country, my grandson is growing up in a post industrial city with different hopes, dreams and problems. As Scots should we all wear a kilt and eat porridge? As for the 10,000 somebody or others going to the rain forests, I fail to see what that has to do with an immigrant in Russia getting beaten up by a bunch of thugs. I use the word thugs as I think it is the only one that fits a group that attacks an individual. Because I feel that this is going nowhere and in no way benefits anybody, this is my last words on this particular article.