Friday, 23 March 2012


       Across Europe the people are being squeezed, it is all a matter of degree, where you stay will determine that amount of pain you receive. Greece is at the forefront of the attack, with wages cut by 50% and more, in some cases wages delayed for a couple of months, taxes increased, pensions slashed, social services destroyed and unemployment going stratospheric. The Italian government has been replaced by a member of the financial militia, as has been the Greek government. Italy has had mass demonstrations on the streets, Portugal is gearing up for a general strike, Spain likewise, and it already has had several one day stoppages, Ireland has dropped back into recession. Recently Spain's Prime Minister stated that comparing Spain with Greece was ridiculous and that Spain would meet it fiscal targets of austerity and reduce its deficit. However, meeting its fiscal targets, set by the financial Mafia, will mean more suffering poured on to the backs of the Spanish people, will they accept more poverty to save the bond markets?

        Romania, Hungary, Belgium are all doing the austerity thing and the people are suffering, the usual lie from the financial Mafia is that it is a “crisis”. There is no “crisis”, everything is working fine, all public funds are being directed to the corporate fascists that rule the world, everything is being privatised to help to re-capitalise their coffers, all is going according to their ideological plan. We are fed this illusion of “crisis” in an attempt to get us to swallow this rapid plunder of all public assets. You may see a worried look on the faces of the ordinary people, but you will only see smiles on the faces of the bankers, bond holders and the corporate world. How long will the public take this purloining of their kids future, how long will they suffer the lies of their “elected representatives”, how long before they public realise the system is loaded against them. It can't be modified to suit their desires, it can't deliver well being for all, it is a ponzi scheme and we the public are the dupes.

       The system has to be destroyed and now more than ever it is obvious that it is not a national problem, it is international. It is the people of the whole of Europe that have to rise up and create an alternative, we have to stop saying, “Please Sir, can I have some more.” It is our world or it is their world, we have to decide. Do we want more of the same, always struggling to get a little more from our masters, or do we want a world that sees to the needs of all our people?

This from Anarchist News.
The spectre of the revolt of December 2008, which shook the country deeply after Alexis was murdered by the cops, has haunted minds for months in Greece. Indeed, faced with the unprecedented poverty in the country, with the impossibility of “improving” the economic and social situation, faced with the turning of the screw on the whole population in the name of upholding the system and power, many people have put in their lot for the return of that spectre, for a vast revolt against the State and capitalism without compromise or mediation. After the vote went through on the nth package of austerity measures, which among other things stipulated a 30% reduction of the minimum wage (with all the prior reductions, this adds up to a 50% wage reduction in less than a year), it’s not“just” that spectre that’s taken hold of Athens as it has of several other cities – it’s something more: that night, after the vote, a breeze of insurrection blew in. Dozens of buildings were burned to the ground (banks, institutions, supermarkets, “historical heritage sites,” ministerial buildings,...), hundreds of businesses were pillaged and destroyed, barricades were erected, aside from the heavy confrontations with the forces of order, building occupations, etc. But that gust blew away all attempts to make “calculations”about what was happening too… the sheer vastness of its scope, involving dozens of hundreds of thousands of persons, every one of them charged with their own load of rage, desire, ideas – every one of them ready with their hands. No politician, no manager, no“politics” could lay a finger on it without the risk of getting burned.
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