Wednesday, 7 March 2012


      Join us online at 6pm this evening for a LIVE stream of a major campaign event opposing the government's controversial plans for the NHS.
     The Rally To Save Our NHS is being held in Westminster this evening, and will be broadcast online. It kicks off at 6pm and you'll be able to follow it live online at
We’ve a full programme from 6pm until 7.30pm, with dozens of health practitioners and campaigners speaking about their concerns for our NHS if Andrew Lansley's Bill gets passed.
     Former psychiatric nurse Jo Brand, prominent opponent in the House of Lords, Lord David Owen, Shadow Health Minister Andy Burnham and many more will join nurses, GPs, physios, paramedics, radiographers, consultants and other health workers on stage.
     This evening, as the Rally gets going, please help us make it a really big event outside London too - it's a great opportunity to show thousands of people around the country the full breadth of opposition to the government's plans.


      Let's organise a real burst of online action for our NHS that the government won’t be able to ignore. People tweeting and blogging, commenting in the media, signing petitions and lobbying Parliamentarians - making a huge noise to add to the voices in the hall opposite Parliament.
We've put together a list of actions you might like to take if you want some inspiration, or use your own ideas. But whatever you do, do it as loudly and as widely as possible - there could only be weeks left now to safeguard our NHS.

Watch the rally and take action at:

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