Sunday, 11 March 2012


           Between the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, billions of pounds of public money is being handed over to the corporate world, so that they can can have a bean feast at our expense, while at the same time councils are being forced by the government, to cut vital services, increase unemployment and are being party to a deepening housing crisis. We are supposed to get excited at the sight of “VIPs” being chauffeured around, wined and dine, while we are meant to stand at the roadside waving flags. Hooray for the council, they're having a party, and we are paying. Of course you might get a chance to see some of the sports on tele, and when the party's over we will still be sitting in crap houses, with no social services and facing unemployment, if you have a job, and fuel poverty if you don't or if you're a pensioner. Rise up Glaswegians and show your anger and disgust at a system that has all the money in the world for a 10 day party and overseas wars, but nothing for the ordinary people.

"Poverty Games” torch comes to Glasgow –
Thurs 15 March, 1pm Dalmarnock
        Glasgow Games Monitor is hosting visitors from the Vancouver Poverty Olympics campaign here next week, to ‘hand over’ their Poverty Olympics Torch. The purpose of the event is to highlight the gross inequity produced by Games events: while millions in public money is spent on a 10 day party, the city faces massive cuts in local services, increasing unemployment and a deepening housing crisis.
        The event is a mock ‘torch relay’, to take the Poverty Torch through the worst affected streets of Dalmarnock. Starting at the Velodrome on London Road, the torch will be ‘handed over’ to Glasgow by visitors from Vancouver and taken down Springfield Road to pass the sites of massive land speculation as well as brutal evictions of residents, shopkeepers and local service users from the Accord Centre.
         Meet at 12.45pm for a 1pm start outside the new Velodrome on London Road (opposite Celtic Park), finish by 2.30 at the Accord Centre.
All welcome, please circulate widely.

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