Monday, 12 March 2012


        We should be under no illusions that the present bunch of millionaires sitting in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption have a master plan. It is quite simply to privatise everything, and that means everything, no exemptions, all will be turned into cash cows for the corporate world, health, education, social services, police, prisons and the judiciary. There method is the same in each case, starve it of funds, forcing it to seek private money to continue functioning and waffle on about letting competition in to improve things and hey presto, you have a privatised society and we all live in a state of corporate fascism. 
This from SACC:
       You suffer a violent burglary. The scenes of crime officer who comes round is employed by G4S. Fibre samples are found, swabs taken and dispatched to G4S Forensics. The suspect resists arrest, is held overnight in police cells run by G4S, then appears before magistrates trained by the company. After serving his sentence he spends his a period of probation tagged by the company on a G4S work programme....
        John Shaw, the managing director of G4S has already held secret talks with leaders of two Scottish police forces.
Read the full article (SACC article)
        G4S provides security services to settlements and the Israeli Occupation Forces in Palestine. On 11 March 2011 it announced its exit from some contracts in the West Bank, but it continues to deliver security services to illegal settlements in the West Bank and to prisons in Israel. This includes the provision of various security systems in prisons where Palestinian are held as "security prisoners" in violation of international human rights norms.
Privatisation of policing and justice in Scotland is unacceptable!
What You Can Do
Let your MSPs know about your concerns over any privatisation of policing and justice in Scotland. You can contact your MSPs using

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