Tuesday, 19 June 2012


        Just when you thought it was alright to order a pizza delivery, along comes the usual corporate bastards to spoil it for you.

    Domino's Pizza has just discovered it can cut the wages of its delivery drivers thanks to a wage agreement loophole – and it's the Anarchists who are taking the case to arbitration, reports Conal Thwaite, Industrial disputes are always good for a yarn and the one happening at Domino’s Pizza shops across Australia right now is more deliciously intriguing than usual.
     At 7pm this Saturday night a one-hour weekly roving picket will descend on Domino’s, this time on Grattan Street in Carlton, Melbourne. Nothing will be blocked going in or out. Rather, leaflets and a limited amount of free homemade pizza will be delivered to customers who shun the Domino’s brand.
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