Friday, 29 June 2012



     Activists and communities across the globe are getting more adept at using, the Internet and social net-working sites to their advantage. The need to communicate to a wider audience is of the utmost importance, so every tool should be used, honed and made into a weapon in our armoury. One tool that I feel that we don't take full advantage of is radio. More and more radical groups are turning to radio but there is still a need for more and to be linked up to form some sort of local-come-national radio network. Creating a full spectrum media system out with the mainstream media, which we all accept is no more than a mouth piece for the state and its master, the corporate world. 
      This from one active radical radio broadcasting group TheCircledA: Dissident Island Radio ( is a radical internet radio show broadcasting on the first and third Friday of every month from the London Action Resource Centre. They talk about about DIY radio like recently set up Catalyst Radio   which was born from a desire to create a UK wide radical radio network that collectively uses a single Internet platform for the streaming of live and pre-recorded radio content, presenting points of view generally diverging from those of the more established, and mainstream media. Listen Now: 26th June 2012 Dissident Island Radio ( Add a comment to this post:

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