Saturday, 9 June 2012


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Dear all

      I have put a petition to the Scottish Parliament - asking for the Scottish Government to consider allowing people to use underused land for fruitful food growing. This is before the Scottish Parliament petitions committee on 12th June. The petition is at (unfortunately their petition software doesn't work! -
      So I've had to set up a separate petition that people can actually sign) I'm hoping to get 1000 signatures to present on the 12th June - so please do this now. Please encourage people to sign the e-petition below - and pass it on.

      Please sign the petition HERE;

All best John
John Hancox

ann arky's home.

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  1. BWhy not ask the land owners' permission yourself? The government "encouraging" landowners will end up as theft of land plus taxation and licensing. Petition to grow food on someone elses property my arse. - a) it`s not yours to start with b) you`re begging permission from people who hate you. Look at the pubs closed and the alcohol mininum price and the fine scenery ruined by useless wind turbines. It is a good - no, a great idea to- use scrap land to grow stuff but. keep it small scale, ask permission, do a deal for a share of the food. and DON,T get the Gov't involved unless you want this excellent idea to just become regulated and taxable farming.