Thursday, 14 June 2012


       The fraudulent nature of the European financial Mafia becomes more blatant day by day. The latest scam they have performed is the Spanish fiasco. Spain stated that it didn't need a bailout, but its banks did need about £80+ billion and suggested to the European financial Mafia that they lend that amount directly to the Spanish banking system. However the gamblers at the helm of the financial mafia wouldn't entertain that at any cost. The reason being that if the Spanish banks went bust, they would lose their money. So their policy was to coerce the Spanish government into taking the £80+ billion and for them to hand it over to the Spanish banks. This would mean that if the Spanish banks go bust, then the European financial Mafia still get their money as it is the Spanish government that owes them, so the taxpayers will have to come up with the £80+ billion and this will be done by more “austerity” cuts.
         The double edge to the financial Mafia's sword is the fact that they have forced this £80+ billion loan onto the Spanish government means that Spain is now considered to be too heavy in debt and will have to pay an unsustainable interest rate to borrow, forcing it to seek a bailout and with that will come all the restriction and conditions that put the Greek people into a state of deprivation. 

"When we gamble, you wouldn't want us to lose, would you?"

        What ever happens, whether it be the destruction of the living standards of an entire nation, or pushing half the European people into deprivation, is of no consequence as long as the financial Mafia don't lose any of their money. Capitalism, how to screw the many for the benefit of the few.

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