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           Our media is never eager to spout the facts but more inclined to paint a nice picture or report on turmoil in countries far- far away, but everything here is just fine. Our lords and masters are trying hard to solve the “Euro crisis” and once that is sort then everything will be just hunky-dory. Of course right here on our doorstep there is resistance to the financial Mafia's “austerity” measures. Country after country is seeing the people take action to defend themselves against the onslaught of slash and burn tactics of the financial mafia. One event that has received little or no coverage by the media is the strike by 8,000 miners in Asturias in Spain. An area with a long militant anti-right-wing history.

 This fromWikipedia.
         “The Asturian miners' strike of 1934 was a major strike action, against the entry of the CEDA into the Spanish government on October 6,[1] which took place in Asturias in northern Spain, that developed into a revolutionary uprising. It was crushed by the Spanish Republican Navy and the Spanish Republican Army, the latter using mainly Moorish troopers from Spanish Morocco.[2]
Franco controlled the movement of the troops, aircraft, warships and armoured trains used in the crushing of the revolution. Visiting Oviedo after the rebellion had been put down he said; " this war is a frontier war and its fronts are socialism, communism and whatever attacks civilization in order to replace it with barbarism." [3] Though the colonial units sent to the north by Franco consisted of the Spanish Foreign Legion and the Moroccan mercenaries of the Regulares Indigenas, the right wing press portrayed the Asturian rebels in xenophobic and anti-Semitic terms as the lackeys of a foreign Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy.---”

         This present strike has been going on for more than 3 weeks, there has been running battles with the police, the miners have blocked main roads and devised guerrilla tactics in their fight against the heavy state repression being used to try and break their strike. 
         "Striking coal miners have clashed with police in northern Spain, in some of the worst disturbances since the government imposed austerity measures. The interior ministry said at least seven people had been injured in the clashes outside a mine in Asturias. Miners fired sky rockets and ball-bearings at riot police who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.
        The miners are protesting at plans to cut government subsidies from 300m euros (£242m; $376m) to 110m euros. Thousands of miners have been on strike across northern Spain for weeks. The interior ministry said police had been trying to remove roadblocks of burning tyres at El Entrego, near Oviedo, when they were met with a barrage of missiles fired by the miners. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and after several hours of clashes the miners took to the surrounding mountains and forests for cover, reports said.---"

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