Friday, 22 June 2012


      The media always shows the world affairs in terms of summits held in expensive locations surrounded by a wall of security. We are fed statements that are supposed to solve our problems but in fact are attempts at cementing their wealth and power. Somehow their decisions taken behind closed doors to smooth the path of corporate greed are supposed to make you and I feel better so that we go back to our daily grind and let them get on with our exploitation. Seldom does the media show what is actually happening on the ground among the ordinary people. Their real problems may become the subject of some future documentary, to make you feel how lucky you are now.
      However, across the globe, people are suffering the consequences of this system of corporate greed, people are angry and people are on the streets. It is an illusion to say that the system works, has ever worked or will ever work for the benefit of the people. There is not a country that does not have poverty, deprivation, protests, demonstrations and strikes, it is all a matter of degree. In Europe at the moment Greece is furthest down this line of "deficit reduction" "bank restructuring" policy, euphemisms for "plundering public assets" than the rest of us, but others are teetering on the edge, which merely means a little less suffering but more to come. This is the best this system can come up with, a continual plundering of the people. Then when the people after fighting and struggling to get some benefits from their labour, the system sets about clawing it all back into the coffers of the financial Mafia.

        Only when we an make the decisions that influence our lives will we be able to create that world where we see to the needs of all our people. As long as we leave those decisions to be made behind closed doors by the millionaire suits, we will continually be screwed. Will a millionaires make a decision that will benefit you and not themselves? They know whose side they are on, DO WE?

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