Saturday, 9 June 2012


         For 30 years the Faslane Peace Camp has kept up a steady and relentless campaign against Britain's nuclear weapons of mass destruction and June being the camp's thirtieth birthday they are having a series of celebrations. It started to day with a massive banner being hung from the large crane at Finnieston Glasgow. The crane has stood there rather sad as one of the last remnants of the Clyde's shipbuilding era. Well now it has sprung to life and joined the anti-nuclear movement. The large banner reads, "Nuclear Disarmament. If Not Now, When?"!
        It is typical of the type of society we live in, a millionaire cabinet slashing at the living standards of the ordinary people, shouting "AUSTERITY, AUSTERITY" while at the same time pouring billions of pounds into keeping, developing and upgrading nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Let's all join in the Faslane Peace Camp's thirtieth birthday celebrations by raising our voices against these illegal horrendous weapons and join and support them in any way we can. 

This release from the Faslane peaceCamp:
        A Peace Camp banner drop is currently underway at Clydebank landmark gantry crane in Glasgow
      In a public display to commence our 30 Days of Direct Action Campaign, three Faslane Peace Campers are currently dropping banners from the Clydebank landmark gantry crane in Glasgow. The banner reads, "Nuclear Disarmament. If Not Now, When?"!
       Planning to make a day of it, they have taken a lovely packed lunch and some literature. However, quite a few police vans were on scene almost immediately and are making efforts to remove them. This is the first of many anti-nuclear actions planned to mark the 30th anniversary of the Camp. In this run up to a Scottish Independence Referendum coupled with the Westminster vote on Trident replacement in waiting, we have a very real chance to affect the shape of the future UK nuclear defence policies. Scotland could hold the key to UK nuclear disarmament.
      Now is the time for a renewed anti-nuclear insurgency. Come to the camp and join in our 30 Days of Direct Action.

Faslane Flossie

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