Wednesday, 27 June 2012


       So, all wars are illegal!!!! Yes, that is on the statute book of this nation and more than 50 other nations. However, as we are well aware, nation states, the West in particular, don't mention that part of their law, probably because there is too much money to be made from war, and this being capitalism, they are not likely to miss an opportunity for increase profit. War is, and has always been, about power and wealth, away as far back as this baron fought this chief, and nothing has changed. It is just that the gangs get bigger and better armed.

          On the 2 March 1929 Britain ratified into uk law, some of the strongest legislation against illegal wars. This Treaty is never mentioned by the Government. But is still part of UK law as confirmed by the Justice department. in a freedom of information request. The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War or the World Peace Act
      “It is an offence against the law of England and Wales for a person to commit genocide,a crime against humanity or a war crime, or to engage in conduct ancillary to such an act. This applies to acts committed in England or Wales or outside the United Kingdom by a UK national, resident or person subject to UK service jurisdiction” war law and parliament page 7 . Under the General Treaty for the Renunciation of War that Britain ratified in 1929 classifies the current war as war crimes.

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