Saturday, 18 July 2015

GDP, And All That Crap.

     The world of capitalism and debt is a very strange world. Debt as a percentage of your GDP seems to be taken as a bench mark of a country's viability. Hence Greece gets clobbered, plundered and its people driven into deprivation as its debt, 2013, sits at 177% of GDP. Others are not that far behind, Italy is sitting at 132% of GDP with the USA at 105%. The UK, though low as a percentage of GDP is seeing that percentage rise considerably. When the "crisis" hit in 2008, UK debt was 51.9% of GDP, but has now, 2013, shot up to 90.6%, are we heading towards a Greek situation? Another fact we should remember, after the WWII, the UK was bankrupt, but managed to create the National Health service!! We don't hear a lot about Japan but it seems to survive with a staggering debt of 256% of GDP, why? To whom do all these countries owe that debt? If the Greek economy was devastated and plundered with debt of a mere 177% of GDP, does this mean that the world is heading for a "Greek crisis", as the world debt, 2014, was sitting at an eye-watering 286% of the world's GDP. So in this insane capitalist asylum, the world's debt outstrips all its wealth, who are the banksters and financial Mafia that will call this debt in, and turn the world into another present day Greece? 
       All these crazy figures prove, is that the whole system of capitalism is built on an illusion, a world of shuffling figures, a world where a bunch of people tell us that the world owes more than it is worth, where that bunch of people have the power to destroy an entire country and its people, because we are lead to believe that the illusion is a reality.
      The world belongs to us, the people who live on it, there is nobody above us to whom we owe anything. The debt is an illusion by those who produce nothing, in an attempt to enslave those who produce all the wealth on the planet. Let's stop talking economics, and start talking people's needs, let's stop looking at balance sheets, and see to those needs. Let's shatter the illusion of perpetual growth and create sustainability and mutual aid. It is our only hope of fairness and justice for all our people, it is the only hope of saving our home, the planet.  
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