Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Life Without A Government.

     Today, anti-parliamentarians can give a little sigh of relief, the reason being, the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption are empty. Admittedly it is not a permanent feature of the place, just the summer recess. From the 21st. July until 7th. September, we get a break from the hee-hawing, hear, hear, parasites, chuckling and giggling in the UK's most exclusive establishment club. In place of the farce we call Parliament, the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, will have to look around for more trivial bullshit to spew over us. Meanwhile, most of the "Right Honourable" members, will be taking themselves off to their holiday homes to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.
A welcome sight to all lovers of freedom.

      Of course though we will be bereft of a government for a couple of months, what will continue is the poverty, the food banks will be unable to take a recess. Children will still go hungry, those on benefit will still have to juggle with their pittance in an attempt to survive. Those on workfare will still have to turn up and do their stint of slave labour for some rich corporate greed machine.
     Wouldn't it be wonderful if, during this spell without a government, we could take control of our own lives and send all "The Honourable Members" their P45's informing them to report to their nearest job centre, as their services are no longer required. I know we could do a better job of seeing to the needs of all our people, than any bunch of rich  hypocritical parasites, most of whom are riddled with corruption. They may not all be rich when they enter that cesspool, but they will be rich by the time they leave. Can you say that about any other job open to you?
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  1. Obedience and submission are an endless source of resources for these stewards of Power.