Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Outta Control.

     We at Spirit of Revolt work hard at trying to keep alive working class history, we all realise the importance of that history. It is a record of our struggles against a very repressive system, and part of our heritage. If we don't record and make ourselves familiar with that history, we become a people without a history, without a heritage, and the present and future generations will have to go blind into those struggles.
       One of the features on our website is "Read of the Month", where we pick out something in our collection, which we think is of special interest and post it in the "Read of the Month". This month we have chosen a paper produced by the Belfast Anarchist Collective, Outta Control, issue No. 16.  We are sure you will enjoy it and hope that it will make you dig a bit deeper into our archive.
       Other copies of Outta Control are also available to read on line from our website, click HERE and scroll down to T-SOR 3-56-26.
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