Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Ever Increasing State Repression.

A few moments to myself, so thought I would share this.
        From Spain to Mexico and across the globe, state surveillance comes down hard on anarchists and those connected to anarchist groups and spaces. In Spain they have Operation Pandora and Operation Piñata, here in the UK Bullingdon boy Cameron, jumping on the tragic killing of tourists in Tunisia, has spouted his mouth off about radicalism, stating that they will target those who do not want to take part in the democratic process of the country, that's a very wide circle. Also a rather ambiguous statement, since we don't have a democratic system in which to take part.  Every event of violence will be used as an excuse to increase state surveillance across the board, and to clamp down on any form of dissent. Not to sing from their handed out hymn sheet, will become ever more dangerous, a different opinion will be seen as radicalism and attempts will be made to silence that opinion. The term radicalism will be deliberately kept extremely vague, and used as a large catch all net. Of course we should take this as signs that the powerful pampered parasites feel threatened.
-------On the other hand, we have the government’s efforts to qualify anarchism or “anarchic conduct” under the judicial classification of terrorism, applying severe charges and operating under maximum security parameters, only to withdraw the charges, with the argument that they lack sufficient evidence – but always leaving the open threat that “investigations continue.” Nonsensical investigations, plagued with arbitrary references to groups and individuals that exist in very different spaces.
This is all paralleled by police monitoring and surveillance of certain individuals in an attempt to intimidate them, as well as provocations against certain autonomous spaces.-------
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Spanish democracy in action.
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  1. We are not afraid! The Gag Law will soon be abolished! A law that has been enacted by the fear of the rulers, a law which we will not obey.

    Greetings comrades! The struggle continues!